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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Punched Posy Tutorial

I thought I'd put together a quick tutorial on how to make the cute punched posy from this card. Here's what you'll need:

  • Five-Petal Flower punch (punch two from your flower color and one from your leaf color)
  • 3/4" Circle punch (punch one from your flower center color)
  • Ink pads & sponge daubers for shading
  • Markers for details
  • Scissors
  • Liquid glue
  • Straight-edge and scoring tool

Now here's step-by-step instructions (click on photos to see larger):

1. Punch one five-petal flower from your leaf color and trim as shown (I'm using Kiwi Kiss).
2. Punch two five-petal flowers from your flower color and trim ONE of them as shown (I'm using Blush Blossom).
3. Punch one 3/4" circle from your flower center color and trim as shown (I'm using So Saffron).
4. Grab a sponge dauber and an ink pad in a darker color than your flower color (I'm using Cameo Coral). Daub ink on three adjacent petals on the full punched piece, making it darker toward the center and leaving the tips of each petal uninked. Do the same for both petals of the cut piece.

5. With your marker in the same (or similar) color as your 'daubed' color, add details to each petal.
6. On your full punched piece, you're going to fold the two uninked petals down over the inked petals. To do this, you can use a straight edge and scoring tool to very carefully score from outside 'v' to outside 'v' and fold the top, uninked part down.
7. Unfold the flower again and turn the piece over to the back side. Use your sponge daubers and marker to add shading and details to the two petals that will fold down. On this side, I added a bit of So Saffron to the very center with my sponge dauber, along with the Cameo Coral.
8. Refold the petals down, and dab glue on the underside. Fold the petals down and hold for several seconds until the glue adheres.

9. Snip the remaining two-petal piece in half. You will adhere these pieces to the back of the flower between the three lower petals. Just a freckle-size dot of glue and a bit of finger pressure is all that is needed. Find your flower-center piece and ink the edges (I used So Saffron carstock, and inked with Saffron and Caramel ink), then dot in details (I used a Cocoa marker for the dots). Glue flower-center to your flower.
10. Fine-tune the shape of your leaves with scissors, then add veins and details with a marker.
11. Cut a slim stem from a scrap of cardstock the same color as your leaves. Assemble your flower.
12. Add the flower to a card or scrapbook page!

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mudmaven said...

Great tutorial! Thanks so much. ~chris

Diane (DeeDee) said...

I just love all your ideas using punches. I tried out the punched posey on the following card.
Thank you for sharing these floers.