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Monday, July 7, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged! I'm flattered that Dani Miller finds my blog inspirational enough to tag me! Thanks Dani! Hmm... now I have to come up with seven random or little-known facts to share about me. *adjusting thinkin' cap* Okay, here goes...

1. I grew up military, I was in Germany when the Berlin Wall came down ('85-'91). Attended nine different schools from K-12. Graduated from Kaiserslautern American High School in Kaiserslautern, Germany.
2. I am a published author. Three romance novels (written under pseudonyms) and one anthology are now out of print.
3. My very first rubber stamp was home-made. I was in the fourth grade when I glued cut-up rubber bands to pieces of wood to make cool designs.
4. I'm a nerd! I earned my degree with a 4.0 GPA.
5. I hate to wear shoes (though I love buying them!). As a consequence of my barefoot preference, I have broken eight of my toes at least once each.
6. I hate roller coasters, but love white-water-rafting.
7. I have helped build an igloo in Alaska. (Lived at Eielson '79-'82)

Whew! That was actually rather difficult! Okay, now to tag seven more inspiring blogs...



Christi said...

How fun that we got to know a little more about you. Your are a facinating person! :)

Krista said...

Hi Stacey, thanks for tagging me ! I already played the game, have a great weekend !