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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Scallop Punch Mum tutorial

One more flower tutorial today. Click on the pic above to see a bigger version.

1. Assemble your materials and punch one scallop punch and one five-petal flower. (Also whatever flower center you want to use, if any).

2. Ink your punched shapes as desired.

3. On the back side of your scallop punch, use a straight edge (a scrap of cardstock works great) and a pencil to lightly draw lines from from each 'v' between scallops to the 'v' directly opposite. Snip each line about one centimeter (about half way to the center).

4. Locate and pierce a hole in the center of each of your pieces. You can see my five-petal flower template in the pic.

5. On your scallop-punch piece, gently curl every other petal down, or toward the back, with your fingers. Curl the remaining petals up, or toward the front. Gently curl all the petals of the five-petal piece up.

6. Stack and hold it together with a brad.

Hope you enjoyed this!


Jackie said...

I love both this one and the loopy flower and have added them to my Shared Items in Google Reader, you are just too clever!

sushistamper said...

Loving your blog - I've linked you on my blog roll! Hope that's okay:)