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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Loopy Punch Flowers tutorial

Here's a quick tutorial on how I did the loopy flowers on my scrapbook layout 'She's Got Talent'. You can click on the pics below to see a slightly larger version of it.

We'll go ahead and punch all our oval loops for both flowers. To start with, punch ten small ovals in your cardstock, leaving enough room between to punch the large oval around each. You can use the punched-out ovals for another project (I keep all my extra pieces like that in a soon-to-be-altered Altoids tin).

Now, before we punch the large ovals around our small ovals, we're going to need two different punch styles. For our loops-only flower, we'll need seven oval loops punched off center, so that there's more cardstock on one side than the other. For the remaining three, we need the oval loops punched centered over the smaller oval. I hope the image above makes it a little more clear than my explanation.

Using the Large Oval punch, make SEVEN off-center loops, and THREE centered loops. Set the three centered ones aside for now.

Pierce a hole in the center of the thicker end of each of the off-center loops. If you're using a larger brad (which may be necessary, depending on the thickness of your cardstock), you may want to use the 1/16" circle handheld punch to make these holes.

Punch various pieces for your flower center, locate the center of each, and pierce/punch a hole. I have templates for each, so that I can consistently find the center of a whole batch of little flowers.

Now start to assemble your flower, first stacking your flower centers and inserting brad.

Arrange your loops as you put them on the brad. SU cardstock is really thick, and you'll end up with nine layers right at the center, so you won't have a whole lot of brad left to bend over. If it happens that you have NO brad left to bend over, take your loops off and dab a tiny spot of glue over the pierced hole of every third piece or so as you put them back on, and then a dab of glue on the end. Let dry. The glue will hold the pieces on your brad. You might also want to put a tiny dot of glue in various places where the loops overlap, to keep them in place (so they don't spin out of place on the brad's post).

Here's the finished version of this loopy flower. Lets make the other one.

Retrieve the three 'centered' oval loops you punched earlier. We'll also need a five-petal flower punch and some flower centers.

Cut your loops in half and add some color with sponge daubers, if desired.

Find and pierce the center of your five-petal flower, then turn it over. Adhere five of the half-loops, as illustrated in the picture above. Assemble on your brad with your flower centers.

Here's the finished version of that one.

You can also add five more 'loops'.


sushistamper said...

FANTASTIC tutorial and idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

Super Tutorial! THANKS for sharing!

Laura said...

Love it! Can't wait to try it out!

orfanannie said...

Well, gee...guess I'll just have to break down and order the oval punches now. Knew it would happen eventually. These are too cute! Thanks