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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blackbean and Corn Chili

This is totally unrelated to stamping, but since I don't have other stuff ready to post yet, I thought I'd share a recipe I recently sent to a friend.

This is made in one pan, so cleanup is easy. You can make it as bold as you like. My kiddos like it spicy. I frequently make a double batch and freeze half in single-serving containers (easy lunches for DH and me). Best of all, if you use low-salt versions, it's really healthful. Low fat, low cal, high protein.


1 lb lean ground turkey or beef
1 envelope burrito, taco, or chili seasoning (this is where you determine the heat factor)
15-oz can blackbeans
15-oz can whole-kernel corn
15-oz can diced tomatoes (the kind with seasoning or chilis are great, but not necessary)

In a deep nonstick pan (I use my dutch oven), brown the ground meat. If you use lean meat, you won't have much fat, so pouring it off is unnecessary. Add envelope of seasoning and stir. Dump in corn, beans, and tomatoes (all UNDRAINED--just open and dump) and stir thoroughly. Heat through. Add additional cayenne, chili powder, garlic and/or onion salt to taste.

1 comment:

Sonya said...

This is really going back into your archives but I saw recipe and had to look. This recipe sounds fab and I am anxious to try. I just discovered your site recently and had a few moments today to browse. Thanks so much for the recipe. Really enjoying the punch art, absolutely awesome.