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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bulk Buy for 13x13" zip-seal bags

***11/12 UPDATE: All bag orders have been delivered to participants! Thanks!***

Hey gang... SCS has done away with their bulk buy forum, so I'm going to see if any of y'all (particularly those who are demos) would be interested in this. I need to order more 13x13" zip-seal bags, but they only come in lots of 1000 for the best price. I don't need quite that many so I'm hoping to share the cost with at least three, four or five other people. These bags are roomy, durable, come pre-opened in another zip-bag to keep them all together.

The cost would be $8.50 per 50 bags, plus shipping. 50 bags weighs 20 ounces, plus the weight of the priority mail box, so shipping for 50 bags will average about $7.00. 100-150 bags can fit in an $8.95 flat-rate box.

Please email me if you're interested. There are still 250 bags up for grabs. I have SENT paypal money requests to those who've contacted me as of 10/22 at 11:00 am Central.

Bags reserved so far:
S. Mings -- 100
P. Glisson -- 150
T. Oakley -- 50
C. Kerr -- 100
N. Benedek -- 100
A. Matasci -- 50

I'll also update this post with current status, so if you're interested, be sure to check back.


Santell said...

Stacey, have you sent the invoices for the bags yet? I haven't received one and wanted to make sure I didn't just overlook it. ~Santell

Stacey L King said...

Not yet. It'll probably be Saturday or Sunday before I can sit down and do that, since this is a phenomenally crazy week.