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Friday, October 3, 2008

Blogiversary Blog Candy!

Yesterday morning, before my day went sour, I opened up my stats in StatCounter and did a screenshot of the year's statistic summary. What interests me particularly is the first-time visitor number. Check it out:
I'm guessing about half of those came for my inkpad holder, and nearly another half for the five petal punch chrysanthemum (both available under the 'DIY' category in the right-hand column). Nonetheless, I am still really stinkin' excited about those numbers! Woohoo!

To celebrate, I'm giving away some good ol' Blog Candy! On Monday morning, I will put all the usernames of the WCPWFMB (Way Cool People Who Follow My Blog) into a hat and randomly draw one. The winner will receive the goodie package pictured below. All you have to do to enter that drawing is locate the WCPWFMB box in the left-hand column under my Cool Links, then click "FOLLOW THIS BLOG". That's all! Here's the booty:What's included:

  • Two Blush Doodle notecards and envelopes

  • Two Burgundy Friend notecards and envelopes

  • Four handmade gift tags

  • Four sheets Accents & Elements Christmas stickers (great for scrapbook pages)

  • Nine pieces scrapbook page candy in colors to match A&E stickers

So add yourself to the elite WCPWFMB and all this could be yours!

1 comment:

cpullum said...

Wow some cool USEFUL items!!!!
Happy Blogiversary!