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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Craft Fair Fare

I am knee-deep in craft fairs right about now. I had one this past weekend for which I was pitifully unprepared (though I sold more than I thought I would--Yay!). It was held at a church which hosts this craft fair every year, and it's a HUGE fair, filling two gymnasiums, hallways, classrooms, even sidewalks. My friend Carole and I shared a spot, and we were tucked away in one of those classrooms (the Monkey, classroom, actually, with a tiny table and toddler toys). We didn't get a whole lot of traffic (lots of people poked their head through the door, but only about half of those actually set foot in the room). By far my best-sellers were items priced $1.50 and under (stocking-stuffer things), with only a handful of higher priced items purchased.

Here's the scary thing: I only have nine and a half days of craft time left to prepare for the next one! (Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!)

One of the applications required a picture to be submitted, so I hauled out some of what I have left and photographed it. Would you like to see some of the stuff I had with me? Wouldja? Huh? Wouldja? Yeah, I thought so... Here ya go:


Beaver said...

Love the clips, especially the Santa clip. Hello teacher gifts!

Lynn said...

Cute stuff! I especially love the little snowman clip...too cute! Good luck at your fairs!

Tanja said...

The clips are adorable, but the advent calendar!!!!! Oh my goodness! Would you ever consider sharing deets about it?