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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Orlando Budget, Baby!

Isn't this great?! I'm so pleased with how this turned out.

This is an expense record book for our upcoming trip. Each page is a pocket for holding money and/or receipts. Printed on each pocket is space to record budgeted and actual expenses, with six different categories (Meals, Snacks, Fuel, Lodging, Entertainment, and Vehicle Maintenance).

Again, I thoroughly expect this to be abused on the trip, kicked around the floorboards, stuffed into the center console or glove compartment, etc. So I didn't use my good cardstock. I used the el-cheap-o stuff from a mega-pack I bought for my daughter to use (which is so flimsy, I had to use two layers for the front and back covers). The map was printed on plain printer paper from Google. License plate and letters were cut with a Coluzzle template. Ink and markers are SU!

Here's a pic of the inside:


Jenn said...

These are adorable!!! Wish I had time to make this before we leave for vacation on Friday.

Michelle Langefeld said...

This is a great idea. Where did you find the inside pages or was this something that you created? Your web site is just awesome...thanks so much for sharing

Stacey L King said...

Hi Michelle,

Glad you like my blog! The inside pages for this budget book were created in Word. I set up my document under Page Setup to print two pages per sheet, landscape orientation, half-inch margins, then made one sheet of paper for each category. I then printed the pages on cardstock, folded them in half with the printing on the outside, glued the bottom shut, and enclosed the open edge in the binding.