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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Paper buttons video tutorial!

I got a new digital hard-drive camcorder and made my first blog video tutorial on how to make super-inexpensive, super easy buttons that match your cards or scrapbook pages EXACTLY! Please tell me what you think of the video! I'm using the software that came with the camera (CyberLink PowerDirector Express). Not as impressed with it as I am with Pinnacle Studio (which I don't have on this computer or I'd use that!), but it may be because it's just... different (and not as fully featured, but it's the Express version).

The music in the video is Maroon 5's 'Makes Me Wonder'. Here's the YouTube version:

You can get a smaller, but better-quality Windows Media File version by clicking here.

Making the template: I cut one circle from scrap cardstock, fold it in half, mark where I want my holes to go, and pierce through them. I make a template for each size button, so when I make a bunch, the holes on all of them are reasonably the same.

Gluing the stack: I put glue on only three of the four blue circles. Then I stacked them with the non-glued one on top.


charlene.herter said...

OMG that is so cool! I love it. I can't believe what a difference the sanding makes! Super video.

Beaver said...

Nice nails. :)